Waterproof Nylon Travel Organizer Bag

AED. 55 AED. 75
  • This product appears to be a set of 4 clear toiletry bags, designed to simplify packing and organizing small items while traveling.
  • The set includes an extra-large clear PVC zip lock bag, a large zipper bag, a TSA security-approved clear toiletry bag, and a small makeup pouch.
  • The transparent surface allows you to easily see the contents of each bag, while the strong hanging handle and hook make it easy to keep the bags on towel racks, shower rods, or door knobs.
  • The bags feature user-friendly design elements such as two-sided zippered compartments and a backside zippered pocket for extra storage, allowing you to easily find and access frequently-used items.
  • The main large compartment has two zippers to keep all items organized, and the high-quality, water-resistant fabric and strong hanging hook ensure that the bags will last for a long time.

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