Magic Flying Fairy Princess Doll

AED. 65 AED. 130

Introducing the Magic Flying Fairy Princess Doll – a whimsical and enchanting toy that brings the wonders of fantasy to life! This delightful doll is not just a plaything; she's a magical companion that will capture the imagination of children and transport them to a world of fairy-tale adventures.

Magical Flight: Watch in amazement as the Fairy Princess gracefully takes flight with her built-in wings. With a simple press of a button, she soars through the air, bringing a touch of magic to playtime.

Sparkling Elegance: Dressed in a dazzling, shimmering gown adorned with glittering details, the Fairy Princess is a vision of elegance and charm. Her outfit is inspired by the most enchanting fairy tales, adding an extra layer of magic to imaginative play.

Glowing Lights: Illuminate playtime with the Fairy Princess's radiant LED lights. Her wings and accessories light up, creating a mesmerizing display that adds to the enchantment. The soft glow adds a magical ambiance to any room.

Interactive Wand: The Fairy Princess comes with an interactive wand that allows children to control her movements and lights. With a wave of the wand, kids can guide their magical friend through the air and create their own fairy-tale scenarios.

Musical Melodies: Enjoy a symphony of enchanting tunes as the Fairy Princess dances through the air. The doll is equipped with musical features that add a delightful soundtrack to the play experience, making every moment even more magical.

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