EMS Electric Foot Massager

AED. 59 AED. 95
  • This EMS foot massager is designed to release stress and soothe away tension through a strong, in-depth massage. The electrical stimulation therapy helps to improve circulation, providing an effective foot massage.
  • The foot massager features 9 levels of adjustable intensities and 6 vibration modes that are displayed on an LCD screen, allowing you to easily follow and regulate the level you want. This provides a customizable and effective foot massage experience.
  • In addition to providing relaxation and relief from muscle fatigue, this EMS foot massager also has the added benefit of stimulating muscle contraction through electric impulses, which helps to reduce swelling and provide a slimming effect on the legs. This makes it a great tool for improving overall health and appearance.
  • The foot massager is made of soft yoga mat material with a leather surface, which makes it easy to clean with a wet towel after use. Additionally, it is designed to be silent during use, allowing you to fully relax and enjoy the massage without any distractions.

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