Car Coating Agent Nano Hand Spray Crystal Car Paint Waxing Glazing Crystal Spray

AED. 50 AED. 100


It is waterproof and antifouling, and it is easy to care for the destination. Use effect is clear! Deep gloss, gloss persists! Can be used anywhere in the car. Safe and environmentally friendly ingredients are not damaged. You can use it in peace.

Aging, weathering, exposure to sunlight, protection against. Protect the car from scratch and give shine like a new car. Protect your car from scratches and make your car more glossy like a new car.

Using advanced nanotechnology, you can protect and wash your car, and show you dirt, painting, and cars as new. An old car is convenient and fast changing into a new car in one second!

How to use: clean the surface of the car first, apply the towel evenly to the surface of the car, and maintain the painting surface of the car.

 120ML quick-acting coating agent*1


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