Bazooka Bubble Gun

AED. 56 AED. 75

Introducing the Bazooka Bubble Gun – the ultimate source of endless fun for bubble enthusiasts of all ages! Transform ordinary playtime into a mesmerizing bubble extravaganza with this innovative and entertaining bubble-blasting device.



Powerful Bubble Blasting: The Bazooka Bubble Gun is designed for maximum bubble-blasting excitement. Simply load the bubble solution, pull the trigger, and watch in amazement as a stream of vibrant, iridescent bubbles fills the air.



Easy to Use: Perfect for kids and adults alike, this bubble gun is incredibly easy to operate. The lightweight design and user-friendly trigger make it accessible for everyone, ensuring hours of joyous play.



Dazzling LED Lights and Sound Effects: Take the bubble experience to the next level with mesmerizing LED lights and playful sound effects. The Bazooka Bubble Gun creates a visually stunning and acoustically delightful atmosphere, enhancing the overall entertainment factor.


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