Back Stretcher for Lower Back Pain Relief

AED. 49 AED. 75
  • This back stretcher is designed to provide relief for back pain and discomfort by using massage points to stimulate the back, helping to return the spine to its natural line, stabilizing it and improving flexibility in the back and shoulder muscles. It has a total of 108 massage points to provide thorough and effective massage.
  • The device is also adjustable with three different height settings, making it suitable for people of different ages and health levels.
  • The back stretcher is ergonomically designed to provide safe support for the back and help to relieve pain while correcting posture.
  • The back stretcher is made of tough and durable ABS material, which can support up to 300 pounds without deforming or breaking easily.
  • The foam pad in the middle of the device provides cushioning for added comfort during use.
  • One of the key benefits of this back stretcher is its lightweight and convenient design, making it easy to carry and use in multiple settings such as home, gym, car, office chair, or yoga mat.
  • Additionally, this device is an economical spine board that doesn’t require connecting to a power supply or device battery. It uses your own body weight pressure for an effective massage

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