Automatic Vacuum Food Sealing Machine

AED. 49 AED. 75

✅ This multifunctional food vacuum sealer is designed to keep food fresh by preventing freezer burn, mold, and spoilage.


✅ The sealing technology uses inverter constant temperature for sealing stability and efficiency.


✅ The vacuum sealing process extends the freshness of the food and saves time and money.


✅ The vacuum sealer has a fully automatic vacuum sealing system, which is safe and comfortable to use.


✅ The sealing and vacuum sealing functions can be operated separately, and the machine has two sealing modes with LED indicator lights.


✅ The vacuum sealer has five levels of security protection, including over-pressure, lack-pressure, inverter, and voltage recognition.


✅ It is important to note that this vacuum packaging machine requires the use of embossing food packaging bags and does not support glossy packaging. The bag width should not exceed 27cm.


✅ The vacuum sealer is easy to use and clean, and the sealing place quickly cools without producing a burnt smell, making it safer to use.

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